Let’s get to know each other – my name’s Emilia. I was born in a small and quiet city of Elblag, Poland. I have always been interested in art an all its forms. After completing a BA in English I ventured to explore the USA for a year by being an aupair in a leafy state of New Jersey. I then moved to rainy but oh-so-vibrant Manchester in the north of England to pursue a Masters degree in Contemporary Culture. After several years of partaking in Manchester’s exciting art and music scenes and treating photography as a hobby I returned to Poland to turn a passion into profession.

I have studied photography in Akademia Fotografii in Warsaw. I am always eager to grow and learn, collaborate with other artists and work on socially invested personal projects. I am excited to work both in Warsaw and anywhere I am needed – travelling is my other love and I’d love to shoot both around Poland and other countries.

My specialty is portraits of performers, burlesque dancers and artists of all sorts – I adore working with fellow creatives. I also relish shooting editorial imagery like creative make up or fashion with my own twist. I would love to shoot more intimate portraits of couples. I am particularly interested in working with women of all ages, shapes, sizes and walks of life as well as queer and non-heteronormative individuals, passionate people with quirky or interesting hobbies and alternative ways of life.

I wish my work to be reflective of my values – seeing beauty in diversity and embracing what makes us all unique.
I am all about showing my subjects’ authentic personality through my creative eye. I treat photography as an exciting, transformative adventure and an opportunity to meet fascinating people and learn about each other. I hope you feel the same – if you approach our session with an open mind – beautiful imagery will follow.