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Hi, I’m Emilia Lyon, I’m a boudoir photographer – the queen of intimacy. As a child, I used to dream. Just like every girl!

What was it like for me? I wanted to be a mermaid, I imagined myself a queen, a fairy, a sorceress. Today, with great satisfaction and pleasure I create artistic photographs dressed in tenderness and inspired by dreams and your inner child.

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emlia lyon fotografia sensualna warszawa

During the session I love to enchant you with deep BEAUTY, full of diversity.

It is my job to make you feel really safe during your session. I am a huge enthusiast of celebrating yourself in the here and now, without procrastination. Finding true strength in sensitivity is my main mission and value.

As a boudoir photographer...

I try to be attentive and sensitive. To beauty. To emotions. To you.

I try to be understanding. To all kinds of emotions and reactions. To grant you true freedom.

I try to be here and now. Always.

In the world of boudoir photography, the focus on yourself is perfectly natural, even required.

Without considering the opinions of others, without worrying about anyone’s judgement. With me, your sexuality is perfectly fine. What matters is you, your celebration, your emotions and your enjoyment of the experience.

As a boudoir photographer, my job is to make you feel safe enough to be fully and uncompromisingly yourself at the shoot.

To explore the topic of my approach, look here: Session as unconditional self-love.

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Trust me, let's talk about your ideas and needs.

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