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A boudoir photo session is often a real transformation, a moment of transition in your life.

As a boudoir photographer, I always try to be attentive to your needs and ideas. We talk, plan, create and inspire each other all throughout the process.

Your boudoir session is to be a wonderful experience, uninterrupted, perfect in your emotions and memories. If possible, plan the day for your boudoir shoot so that you don’t have to go back to work after the session and don’t have additional commitments. A boudoir session is an investment – of time, of money, of creative energy – devote yourself to it fully to experience it to the fullest.

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Called the queen of intimacy by my clients – I invite you into my boudoir world, which will become yours for a moment and allow you to focus on yourself, most importantly: with the conviction that it’s totally okay.

How much does a boudoir session cost?

Want to know how much a boudoir session costs? You can choose from three available photo packages. Boudoir sessions usually take place in my Warsaw atelier, but we can also photograph at your place, in a rented apartment/studio, or have an outdoor boudoir session.

Zmysłowe zdjęcia przedstawiające kobietę w eleganckiej bieliźnie, pozującej z wdziękiem i pewnością siebie

Boudoir photos


20 retouched photos

Velvet album in jewelled colours 20×30 

(Album value 720PLN)

or a folio box

3000 zł

zdjęcia buduarowe warszawa

Boudoir photos


10 retouched photos

Velvet folio box in jewelled colors

(10 photos) 20×30

(Value of the box 400 PLN)

2000 zł

Zmysłowe zdjęcia dark and moody, ukazujące kobietę w tajemniczym, półmroku

Boudoir photos


5 retouched photos

5 20×30 prints 

1500 zł

Check out what my clients are saying about my sessions

Boudoir photography is more than a souvenir and keeping your memories

Boudoir sessions are not just making images. Each photo session is like a mirror that reflects a piece of your soul – it shows who you are. It allows you to be fully authentic and liberated from the patterns imposed on you as a woman growing up in a patriarchal society. It brings out your unique truth and depth.


Yes – it is still a photographic souvenir that relates to THIS moment – what you are today and the path you have travelled. However, it carries much more value.


In moments of doubt, you can reach for a beautiful album or a velvet print box. Boudoir photos will give you power, they will be your talisman, support and attribute of authentic beauty.

What does a boudoir session look like in practice?

Before the session

  • You fill out the form on my website or write directly to my email
  • I get back to you within 2 business days with the next available appointment. I photograph on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I do not photograph on weekends.
  • You can also make an appointment directly through my calendar!
  • You choose a date and within 2 days pay a deposit of 500 PLN – your date is sealed!
  • You decide if you want to use the services of a makeup artist (an additional 550 PLN payable on the day of the session) – if so, let me know!
  • Through emails we talk about what kind of atmosphere and aesthetics of the session you want to achieve, what and where to buy and what I have at my studio in Warsaw, what to wear and how much you want to show.
  • Up to a week before the session, I email you a contract to sign online.

During the session

  • We meet at my atelier in Warsaw the day of the session – I usually start at 12:00, but it is possible to start the session from 10:00 or 13:00 – let me know what time suits you best.
  • On the day of the session, payment is due for the smallest package available – Tease – 1500 PLN. If you previously paid a deposit you pay an extra 1000 PLN. (Wire transfer, BLIK, cash)
  • After a cup of coffee/tea and a short conversation, we sit down for makeup or start shooting right away.
  • For boudoir photos, we capture one or two different outfits – we determine this before the session.
  • During the session, I take you through all the poses one by one, most often showing them myself.
  • We can interrupt at any time if you need a break. My home atelier has a bathroom and a comfortable place to change clothes.
  • Makeup and hair styling (if you have opted for this service) takes about 2h
  • The session itself lasts about 1.5h-2h

After the session

  • Within 7 days of our session, I will email you a link to the best shots from our session of your choice
  • You will choose your favourite shots within 14 days of receiving the link. Regardless of the three available packages (5, 10 and 20 photos), you can choose additional shots at a cost of 150 PLN each.
  • You select your favourite boudoir photos by marking them with hearts on the screen and approving your choice – the program will let me know about your choices. Also, write to me about what colour velvet box/album you choose.
  • The standard waiting time for photos after selection is 2 weeks (digital photos) and 4 weeks (printed photos – velvet boxes and albums). I send you a link to download the photos via Google Drive.
  • After the session you will also receive a link to write a few words about your experience on my Google business card. Feedback is extremely important to me – thank you in advance for sharing your experience with women who can also benefit from it!

Are you ready to show your unspoken dreams?

I am here for you, for your comfort and for your true focus on yourself. With the respect, attention and freedom you need to feel perfect in your sensuality!

Tell me about your dreams and I will help you make them come true.

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