Discover your true nature, creativity and unique beauty during a boudoir session

Welcome to the world of boudoir photography. During your session I will show you how extraordinary and sensual you are. Together we will discover your true colours and passion, often lost in the busyness of everyday life.

It’s not just about beautiful, sensual photos – taking part in a boudoir session will allow you to finally hear your intuition. You will finally start choosing YOU.

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I shoot Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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Who is a boudoir shoot for?

Regardless of age, body shape or level of experience in front of the lens, each of us deserves to have our beauty and sensuality discovered and captured. Beauty that is often buried under a layer of everyday worries and to-do lists. If you’re wondering if a boudoir session is for you, the answer is simple: yes, it is for every woman!

Boudoir session






Thanks to a boudoir shoot

↱ You will begin to celebrate your femininity: boudoir sessions are an intimate journey to discover your femininity and your signature definition of beauty. This refined experience will allow you to deeply connect with your body and express yourself in confidence, freedom and tenderness.

↱ You will take time only for yourself: a boudoir session in my studio is an opportunity to breathe, to stop for a moment and to focus solely on yourself. In these intimate moments awareness of your own body becomes a priority, bringing joy, a carefree mind and a breather from all expectations.

↱ You will gain a keepsake for a lifetime: the professional, sensual photos that are created during the session will become a treasure to which you can return, reminding yourself that everything is just right with you. A photo session with me is a profound tribute to yourself.

CLIENTS' REVIEWS about shooting in my studio

I can go on all day about what happens in my atelier duing a shoot, but it is best told by people who have already experienced it.

When I arrived at Emilia’s magical studio on the day of the shoot, I was so impressed with how perfectly the set had been created – it was exactly as I had dreamed it would be and captured 100% of the vibe I wanted. The makeup artist recommended by Emilia did beautiful makeup and hair style for me.

The session itself was an amazing, liberating, ultra-enjoyable and beautiful experience for me – despite my absolute inexperience in posing I felt wonderfully looked after, extremely at ease and had a great time – all thanks to Emilia who is an amazing artist with a huge amount of experience and imagination, as well as a wonderful, warm and sensitive person.


The session with Emilia was a wonderful experience. Before the session I was quite tense and stressed – above all I felt uncertain whether I could handle posing. This was my session debut, and I was also planning to pose completely nude.

Emilia greeted me with a sincere smile and created an extremely relaxed mood, while taking great care to make me feel comfortable. During the session she gave suggestions on how to pose to look beautiful. She fostered a friendly atmosphere that made me quickly forget that I was naked and posing was just fun for me.

After the session I received the finished photos very quickly. I was absolutely delighted! The whole setting, the light, the frames – Emilia is no ordinary photographer, she is an Artist with extraordinary sensitivity.


A session with Emilia has been a dream of mine for a long time, she takes beautiful photos and I wanted to treat myself to such a gift. I knew it would be wonderful and I was not disappointed. Contact before the session was seamless – full understanding of my idea and absolute acceptance was provided.

I made a moodboard and on the day of the session the set was waiting for me with exactly the vibe I had dreamed of. At the session I felt relaxed, calm, the time went by too quickly – I could have been there all day! The photographer was gentle, not imposing her vision, helping me to pose and giving space for what the client proposes. I was left with an appetite for more sessions. The images I was given to choose from exceeded my expectations.

Although this was not my first boudoir session, I still maintain that it is an experience that every woman should treat herself to. I think the photos are just as important as the time spent in front of the lens.


Boudoir shoots - frequently asked questions

Boudoir is a type of photography characterised by special intimacy, closeness to the body and expression of your deepest desires. The boudoir I create shows you with tenderness and your wonderful diversity. It also explores the nooks and crannies of your soul that are often forgotten in the daily grind. Such creative exploration does wonders for strengthening self-esteem and bringing you back to things that are important to you. Childhood memories, dreams, small joys and pleasures. I will be happy to guide you on a journey through your inner worlds.

It’s natural that you’re asking! I’m happy to answer 🙂 It’s important for me to constantly grow, improve and live my own authentic way. I want to fulfill my dreams and be independent. After calculating my monthly budget, I found out how much a session with me should cost and how many of them I need to do in a month to be satisfied with how much I earn.

The investment price of a session with me includes:

Initial communication with the client
Consultation on the aesthetics of the session, outfit, preparation for the session to achieve the best results
A unique set design built by the photographer or a backdrop in an agreed color
Photo session lasting about 1.5-2h
Assistance with posing during the session
Access to the photographer’s session closet (burlesque/retro style outfits – velvet and tulle negligees that fit most figures, headdresses, harnesses made of pearls or crystals etc)
A gallery of the best shots from the session – usually about 150 shots.
Professional retouching in a unique painterly style
Photos in digital format and license for their private use (social media, promotion of your personal brand or business on your website)
Photos fine art prints on beautiful premium Canon Deep Matte paper in an amazingly crafted velvet box or album
Use and maintenance of the equipment that makes it possible to carry out the session (professional lights, light modifiers, batteries, camera, lenses, computer) along with the appropriate software (Photoshop, Lightroom, Topaz, etc.) and buying access to the necessary domains, platforms and sites for photo management and storage.
Education, experience and unique perspective of the photographer – continuous education in the subjects of photography, art, business; nurturing her creativity to make each session special and unique.

Yes, if you feel ready. Readiness in this case doesn’t mean that you don’t feel fear or stress about a new experience – instead, it means that you feel open to stepping out of your comfort zone, to trying something new, to exploring your femininity and your relationship with your body. Testing yourself in a new role often energizes you in other areas of your life, your relationships, your career, your goals. A boudoir session can be a reward for yourself, it can be a small, wonderful pleasure for all your senses, it can be a profound transformational experience. You will decide for yourself which path you would like to follow and how deep into the boudoir forest you would like to wander – and there are no right or wrong paths here.

The photos are yours and yours alone, and I always ask for written permission in the contract if you feel like sharing what we created. I am often proud of my work and would love to share it, but there is absolutely no obligation to share the photographs.

No. The most important thing for me is your comfort before, during and after the session. I always help with posing, suggest some options and usually show the poses myself. I often check how you feel during the session and if you would like to change something or take a little break. I don’t force you into any poses you don’t feel comfortable trying. I know what looks beautiful and I’m happy to show you what I mean – we’ll then adapt the pose to your body, how you’re feeling on the day, what we want to show and what mood we want to achieve. You’ll notice that in my portfolio some clients are sensually bent in bold poses and others are sleepily reclining or sitting – we establish everything before and during the session.

There is a set or a backdrop ready for your arrival as discussed and your favourite music in the background to help you relax. I greet you and offer you coffee/tea – then I hand you over to the make-up artist or if you preferred to do your make-up yourself we go straight to reviewing your outfits or lingerie/costume sets. I also suggest options available in my atelier and we discuss the mood of the shoot, potential poses etc. Once the session starts I explain the poses often showing them myself so you don’t feel insecure. In the middle of the session there is a small break for an outfit change. After the session, I explain what will happen after you leave and when you can expect your photos.

Your photos will be at a consistent level with my portfolio, with similar post-processing. I remove temporary skin blemishes like bruises, pimples etc. I even out the skin tone and make it more painterly. I rarely heavily interfere with the shape of your body, only making the clothes fit better if need be. If there is something you would like to change or pay special attention to – tell me before the session. While I want you to feel beautiful in your photographs, I won’t do anything I don’t feel comfortable with – such as extreme age or body alterations.

If it’s not a session with a friend or partner that we discussed from the start I prefer to create with just the person being photographed. I create in my home – a safe space – and the extra person often distracts us both. Acquaintances also often have particular beliefs about you and it can be harder to get carried away with the spirit of the session and explore new areas of yourself. Of course there are exceptions to this rule – talk to me before your session if you would feel more confident with someone trusted next to you.

I think my sessions have a unique value – they are a feast for all your senses. Rich, opulent colours, the touch of delicate fabrics, lace and velour caressing your body. The scent of fresh flowers all around you. Golden mirrors and the session itself being a metaphorical mirror for your soul. A boudoir session with me is a multi-level pleasure and an exercise in mindfulness – a reflection on being here and now. It reminds you that you are important to yourself.

I work with women of all ages, body types and ways of being and dressing. Those sexually liberated and in love with their bodies as well as those with a difficult relationship with themselves and their physicality. Each of you has inner richness, multidimensionality and beauty. I look forward to seeing you. And if you are not ready yet – tell me what you need to invest in yourself? How could I help you?

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